Improving informations to improve your Customer Care

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years of team experience

Years of team experience in high-intensity Knowledge Management projects (telco operators, desk, back office, agencies, chat, chatbot, tele-selling, etc). We got references from sectors like Telecom, Media, Energy, Multi-utility, Insurance / Banking, Automotive, Trade associations, and Household products.

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Agents working on content managed and improved by Aryanna.

We designed a unique approach and methodology for Knowledge Management applied to Customer Care, that improves operation KPIs. We apply content language usability rules that allow us to considerably improve content understandability.

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references in telco, media, multiutility, insurance, automotive sectors

We have in-depth knowledge of Customer Care dynamics and processes, editing logic, and technological platforms for Knowledge Management.

Regarding KM platforms and search engines, we have direct experience of the following technologies:


Emerging information needs

The increasing attention to Digital Employee Experience is getting companies to focus on three big areas of attention:


Informative and editorial governance, with the consequent approval workflow, that allows to structure the work of KM desk so to avoid destructured tools like mail, voice, etc.


Importance of information findability, in which an effective tagging system and a correct information architecture allow to find content in less time with maximum effectiveness.


Content usability from a layout and page structure standpoint (with a web-based approach) and according to language usability rules for text, in order to make it unique and immediately processable.

People need to find the right information at the right moment, at the right speed.

We work on information architecture, that is how information is organized.

We make information simpler to find and improve how it is written (findability, usability).

If requested, we provide and editorial service to process and publish information.

We have strong experience and specialization in high-intensity knowledge bases, where immediate findability and usability of informations is essential.

Our methodology and approach

Our methodology and approach is based on 15+ years of experience of working on Knowledge Management projects. Our approach perfectly retraces the flow of information from creation to publishing.
This approach is strictly related to the Knowledge Centered Service methodology.

Such methodology is recognized as the most efficient and effective for the information needs that are typical of the Customer Operations world.

Improving information in Customer Care

We’re specialized in improving Customer Care information with a full-fledged service

  • Customer experience analysis to optimize and reduce associated costs, i.e. mystery calls, mystery visits, mystery shopping etc
  • Reorganization of editorial and information governance
  • Creation, rationalization, reorganization and direct rewriting of contents, according to content language usability rules, on the Knowledge Management platforms that are used by Customer Care agents
  • Continuous editorial service (on request)
  • Reorganization and rewriting of procedures on the mainstream applications (Salesforce, Sap, Siebel…) in Interactive Knowledge mode
  • Advice on available Knowledge Management technologies

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